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About me


I’m going to start with a quick introduction.
My name is Kenneth Matthys.
I’m 22 years old.
I live in Wetteren, a small city in Belgium.
I work here as a computer techinician.
My hobbies are: anime, technology and the most important ones, Kempo and Hapkido (Martial Arts)
And I will start studying the Japanese language soon.

Adding me on facebook is always possible:!/kenneth.matthys
Please don’t forget to say you’re from WordPress because I will ignore the invite of people I don’t know.

So what will you be able to find on this blog?
I will be posting about my own status in Kempo/Hapkido,
names of techniques, japanese vocabulary and much more.

This weblog is made possible with a lot of help of my Sensei,
Bart De Backer. Thank you very much!


Styles: “Kempo Karate” and “Hapkido”

Started training:  Dec 2009
Belt: White
Kempo: exercises 1 to 5
Hapkido: exercises 1 to 5
Date exam: 23/04/2010
Result: passed
Grade: 10th Kyu
Belt: Yellow
Kempo: exercises 6 to 7
Hapkido: exercises 6 to 7

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