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Robert A. Trias

November 15, 2010

Robert A. Trias

  • Lived from 1922 to 1989
  • The person responsible for the first karate tournament in the U.S. in 1955
  • Developed Shuri-Ryu Karate
  • Opend the first martials arts school on the U.S. Mainland in 1945 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Founded the United States Karate Association (USKA) in 1948
  • The USKA became the largest karate organization in the world with more than 600.000 members
  • Student of:
    1. Tung Gee Hsing
    2. Konishi Yasuhiro
  • Teacher of:
    1. Roberta Trias
    2. John Linebarger
    3. Mike Wall
    4. Dale Bensonn
    5. John Pachivas
    6. Robert Bowles
    7. Dirk Mosig
    8. Pete Rabino
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