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Tie a Sageo for display

September 1, 2010

First of all, the pictures used here isn’t my work.
This entire post is based on the work of the people of “” and “”

The Sageo is the cord you can find on the scabbard of your blade running trough the Kurikata (the knob on the scabbard)

This is how the final result wil look like.
However this isn’t the only way it is done.
Here there will be 4 loops down and 3 loops up to the Saya.
but 3 loops down and 3 loops up is also commonly done.

Now to begin:

To start the Kurikata (knob on the Saya (scabbard)) has to be upfront of you with the Tsuka (handle) to the left.
The left side of the Sageo goes onder the Saya to the right.
the right side goes over the other to the left.

Now you have your Sageo to the right lying under the Saya.
This goes around the Saya under the Sageo making a loop and going back to the upper side of the sageo.
Tighten the Sageo by pulling the lower side of the loop towards yourself making it so that the loop stays put.

Now it’s just repeating the same process another 3 times
I used a pencil to fit through the loops to make it easier to tighten the sageo without making the loops to small.
And whe are ready to start the other side beginning with bringing the Sageo under the Saya again.

We repeat the loop making process whe did earlier 3 times.
and don’t forget your pencil if you used it like I did.

So this time you have 2 ends of your sageo lying about, one to the right and one to the left.
Starting with the end on the right we fold it and put it trough the loops we created earlier.
By doing this we create a loops to the left and have a small piece of the Sageo to the right.

And we repeat the same thing again with the other end of the Sageo.
Ending with 2 loops, 1 on each side of the Kurikata.

We now have a tied Sageo making your Katana ready for display.

(source: “”)


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