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Kempo Ryu Dragon of Water

June 9, 2010

The Club Badge


Kempo: the law of the fist
Ryu: school
Dragon: This mythological animal stands for perfection. We want our techniques to be as perfect as possible.
Water: This element is soft and comforting but can destroy the hardest things. It makes paths and rivers in mountains and always looks for the easiest way through. That is the same way we have to follow

Round badge: the circle stands for continuity (in our techniques but also in life, everything is connected in one way or another)
Black inside of the circle: The dragon rises from the black circle to the outside. Black is a symbol for the beginning in Eastern countries. The tought behind this is: The dragon starts at the beginning on his continuous journey for knowledge and wisdom.

In Japanese filosophy the dragon of water is described as followed:
it is calm and sleeps on the soil of the ocean, but when it awakes it changes into a devastating power.

to be continued…


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