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June 8, 2010

Sensei – teacher
Sempai – senior student
Dojo – training hall
Obi – belt
Gi – black kimono used in Kosho Ryu Kempo
Shomen – the front wall of the dojo to where you show your respects
Rei – bow
Shomen ni rei – greet to the shomen
Sensei ni rei – greet to the sensei
Otoga ni rei – greet to your fellow students
Seiza – kneel
Mokuso – meditate
Mokuso yame – stop meditating
Hara – center of the body and power
Ki – the spiritual energy of your body
Kihon – the fundamental exercices
Yoi – ready
Hajime – begin
Yame – stop
Hidari – left
Migi – right
Mawatte – turn around
Mae – forward
Dachi – stance
Tsuki – punch
Uchi – strike
Uke – block
Geri – kick
Jodan – upper
Chudan – middle
Gedan – lower
Kata – a group of movements forming a fixed serie
Kiai – a loud shout of spirit
Bunkai – real fight application of a movement
Arigato – thank you
Kyu – grade for starting student
Dan – grade for black belt students

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