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The Story of Grandmaster Ji Han Jae (via Hapkido 4 Life)

June 8, 2010

Credit “Hapkido 4 Life” for this story about Grandmaster Ji Han Jae.
It gives a further explanation about the Grandmaster I only mentioned by name.

Grandmaster Han Jae Ji, founder of Sin Moo Hapkido, was born in 1936 in Andong, South Korea. He began martial arts training in 1949 under Yong-Sul Choi, studying an art Choi alternately referred to as Yu Kwon Sul or Yawara. In his late teens, Ji became a pupil of a Korean Taoist monk, known as "Taoist Monk Monk Lee" or "Son of Old Man Lee," who instructed him in the use of various weapons, native Korean kicks, and internal techniques for developi … Read More

via Hapkido 4 Life


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One Comment
  1. Reno permalink

    Thanks mate,
    for referring to my blog – unfortunately I run two other blogs for our club (Australia based) which takes a lot of my time.

    And hey good on you, I like your blog.
    Keep posting, keep on training and all the best from down under.

    Cheers Reno

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