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June 8, 2010


Hap: Harmony of body and mind
Ki: Inner power
Do: way of live


Hapkido is a self-defence art that uses the strenght, speed and balance of the opponent for defence.
It uses throwing, clamping, fist- and foottechniques, pressurepoint and strangling.
The aim is to change these movements and techniques to reflexes.
Hapkido is based on three principles:

Water: The principle of “going with the flow”, admitting to the force,
like water where you throw a rock in, it offers no resistance and closes immediately after the stone has sunk.
Circle: The principle of bending the force of the attacker with a soft hand and sending it in a safe direction by using a circular motion. It has the property of being infinite.
Harmony: propagate that the force of the attacker has to be followed to come in balance with it. This way your own force is added to that of the opponent instead of having it against you.

A proper methode of breathing is also imporant in Hapkido. During the fluent, powerfull movements you learn how to use your respiration to guide your energy (Ki) trough your paths of energy in your entire body. This way you bring more force in your movement, punch, kick or any other technique.


Hapkido has a wide variety of techniques and is called a “complete” Martial Art by many.
These techniques can be sorted in following categories:

Kicking and punching techniques

Hapkido techniques are very recognizable by their circular movements.
The attack isn’t blocked in a circular motion but redirected so it can’t do any damage anymore.
On that moment the attacker is under control and the counterattack can begin.
This can be a jointlock, a throw, a punch, a kick or a combination of al these techniques.
One can also control or demobilize his opponent by using pressure points.


Hapkido is a young Korean self-defence art that came to existence in the fiftees.
About the origin of Hapkido there are different stories that can be followed.
But in the end it always comes down to being influenced for a great part by the Japanese Daito Ryu Aki-Jujutsu and ofcourse the traditional Korean Martial Arts.
But in the end it remains an endless discussion about who really invented the Art exept for the fact that Choi Yong-Sul
can be seen as the founder for Hapkido.
It is said that he stood for the filosophic and techniqual structure of Hapkido.

The techniques where later supplemented with punching and kicking techniques by the most important students of Choi, Ji han Jae and Moo-Hong Kim, these were brought from the background they had in the traditional Korean self-defence arts.



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